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International Partners

About Partners

WEmusic project brings together six partners from Europe and MENA region:

Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (YEU) is an international Non-Governmental Youth Organization, based in Brussels (Belgium), established in 1981. It is a member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) in Brussels and is considered as a European level non-governmental youth organization by the European Union and the Council of Europe. The mission of the organization is achieved through the implementation of innovative projects and capacity building events based on the principles of non-formal education, experiential and self-directed learning. In addition to that, YEU also pays a lot of attention in creating youth policies, participating in important youth events on European level and producing educational manuals. At the moment the network includes 33 different youth organizations from 28 European and neighbouring countries.

Labirinto Social Cooperative, set up in 1979, with its around 1000 employees, is the most important cooperative of socio-medical and educational services of the Province of PesaroUrbino in Italy (around 160.000 inhabitants) and it is a key interlocutor for the social policies in the Italian Marche Region. Labirinto Social Cooperative has been working in the field of Youth Policies for 20 years and its role as territorial development engine has been consolidated by good practices implemented and in continuous change. It works to find steadily the “perfect” matching between the project proposal and the young people addressed.

BDK – Bodrum Youth Culture and Art Centre is a nonprofit/non-governmental organization established by experienced youth workers and social entrepreneurs in Bodrum in 2006. The members of the organization are mostly young professionals (university students, high school pupils, etc. young entrepreneurs and artists…) and they come together for spreading the idea of promoting equality, selfawareness on European opportunities for young people in Bodrum community, supporting people, helping people with fewer opportunities in their social integration, making youth participation in public life more active and strengthening the principles of civil society and democracy.

Cultural Club Ali Belhouane (CCAB) is a non-governmental,non-political and non profit youth association based in Tunisia. The main aim of CCAB is to empower youngsters and foster their involvement in the civil society while helping them to build strong character and attain their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders. Our main concern is how to cultivate a generation who promotes respect, understanding and cooperation while working to eradicate all forms of discrimination and violence.

ARTLAB, based in Palestine, began as an experiment among artists and professionals who wanted to share a common workspace and develop new pathways of communication for creative exchange. It was designed to benefit not only each member, but also to promote an appreciation of art and culture throughout Jerusalem. Through the participation in the activities held by the lab and inspired by its outputs, stereotypes are being challenged and the local and international community is actively invested in a cultural debate designed to open minds and encourage individual expression. Since 2008 ARTLAB’s professionals have been working with Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem providing training in visual storytelling and guiding them through a variety of audiovisual productions..

Agency for development and cooperation CEREBRA from Banja Luka is an NGO established in 2004. Since then, Organization has been involved in numerous activities on local, regional, national and international level. Only in the previous Youth in Action Program, they had over 10 partnerships and successful projects implemented across Europe. The NGO had a small break in work that lasted from 2014, till 2018 when several members took responsibility for managing it. Since that time, for only one year, Cerebra made a team of over 20 members and now they are counting 25 members, activists, and volunteers. CEREBRA mainly works with youth although its target groups are older adults too. They organise seminars to provide opportunities for the youth to learn skills that are required on the labor market. 

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