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About WEMusic


WEMusic – “Wide Music Education Network promoting international cooperation among youth for social inclusion, active citizenship and creating job opportunities” is an Erasmus Plus project that aims at fostering the cooperation between organizations from the Program and Partner Countries to promote the quality and recognition of youth work and non-formal learning activities, especially targeting young people with fewer opportunities, with a view to improving the level of competences while ensuring the active participation of young people in society. 

The project gathers 6 partners from Europe and MENA region and particular attention is paid in increasing youth intercultural, anti-discrimination and social inclusion skills in Belgium, Italy, Palestine, Turkey, Tunisia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

What is the idea behind the project?

Music is a part of all of us: it allows us to connect across cultures, upbringings, and with our own authentic voice. Music is bringing us closer to others but also ourselves. Everybody has a unique voice but we are very often discouraged from using it with the explanation that we are not talented enough, for singing for example. We will not be claiming that it is not correct, we are claiming that everybody can be an important piece of a puzzle only if empowered to do so.

With WEMUSIC project, we want to address some needs of young people; such as exercising their freedom of expression, thoughts, and actions; and combating strict gender norms and predefined positions in societies they live in.

The project is building on different initiatives such as Brave New YOU Reloaded project (, YES! GAM-EU: Youth Engagement Strategies and Gamification in the EU PROJECT ( and the project concept is strongly connected to the YEU, CEREBRA and BDK project called “Sing for Your Soul – Music for Social Change” implemented in 2019. The vision behind this project was to inspire young people in order to work on themselves and their self-empowerment while, at the same time, learning about others through music, singing and interacting with other communities with the purpose to make a change. The main idea of this project was to empower people to be strong and make them understand that each one of us can contribute to societal development in their own way.

WEMUSIC and Digital Platform: Through the WEMusic project, it is intended that, by using a non-formal education approach through music, the consortium will be able to empower young people with fewer opportunities to build on their self-esteem and actively participate in the life of their societies and communities. 

Furthermore, the project is creating a network of young creative minds in order to allow for the possibility of further involvement of young individuals and youth organizations around the world but also, through making connections and offering possibilities for the creation of content, creating potential job opportunities in the music field/music industry. 

The project is promoting this music hub managed by youth organisations able to improve the capacity of youth to work transnationally, cooperate to create job opportunities, nurturing innovative ideas thus contributing also to the development of their local communities. The collaboration among hubs allow young people to get professional skills in the music sectors as well as to young musicians, composers, singers, and technicians to create music and musical projects together using digital tools and online platforms (joint music productions).

Teams of EACEA and European Youth Foundation – we are indefinitely grateful for trusting us and approving every request, accepting every suggestion we had along the way. Without your flexibility, patience and trust we wouldn’t have such results.

Here we are to make music for social change!

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