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Bodrum Harmony: A Musical Prelude

The inaugural Youth Mobility in Bodrum, Türkiye, in December 2022. It embodies the spirit of inclusivity as young musicians from diverse backgrounds converge to create a harmonious blend of cultures…

How to write professional CVs in the music sector

ZOOM meeting NY

By mastering the writing of our CV we gain control over the first impression we give as professionals. The workshop will guide the participants through the process of writing and…

Stage Performance Workshop

ZOOM meeting NY

Skills, techniques and tips to make a good stage presence and audience interaction 12th April | 8pm - 10pm CET | by Radhi Chawaly  ID riunione: 840 0724 0933…

Making Music Fun

ZOOM meeting NY

 Creating Compelling Exercises for Youth” & “The Magic of Music Arrangement: Tips for Any Style” 18th April | 8pm - 10pm CET | Arina Ovchinnikova & Alan Wurman  ID…

How to use the WEMusic digital platform?

ZOOM meeting NY

WEmusic platform is a digital service or application that provides access to musician by engineers

Music platforms can range from high range of functionality and typically offer a vast library of services.

Date and time will update soon

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